Sunday, September 23, 2012


Hey everyone,

Due to unforeseen issues with United's bus, the blood drive is going to be rescheduled. For those of you who volunteered to help, I will contact you with the new date when we have one. Sorry for the confusion, and thank you for your support.


Minutes From August 23

Hey guys! This is just a reminder to first of all thank all of you who came, signed up, talked to Dr. Case, and enjoyed the pizza!!

Secondly, for those who could not show up, I know we had a lot of stuff going on around campus and for keeping that in mind, I'm going to briefly mention what we talked about at the meeting last night. Our guest speaker last night was Dr. Steve Case who is the Dean of Admission at the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC). He gave a power point presentation about the interview process and the "pearls and pittfalls" or in another words, the "do's and don'ts." He gave some pretty legit tips about what to do at an interview, how to dress up, how to be a good listener, a good communicator, and so forth.

Dr. Case also mentioned about the Early Decision Program (EDP) and the Regular Decision Program (RDP) just for UMMC. Some students even talked to him one-on-one about individual questions they had about applications, UMMC, and the interview process. 

And the most important part of the email...we have scheduled trips to some medical schools (William Carey and UMMC) and in order for YOU to attend these, we ask that you come to the stadium cleanups. I know this might be a little annoying at first cleaning the stadium and all..but trust me, I did this last year and it was absolutely awesome. Work hard, play hard right? 

Attending these med school trips gives you a good idea of what that school will be like, whether that school really is for you, or whether you might be interested and have not thought anything about it! I went last year and you get to talk to First and Second year med students and they give you an insight about life as a med student.