Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Minutes from 08/20/09 AMSA Meeting

DUES: If you haven’t paid your dues, please remember to pay with cash or check at the next meeting. $20 covers all four years (or the years you have left if you are joining as a sophomore, junior, or senior).

FUTURE MEETINGS: Mark your calendars! August 27th, September 24th, October 22nd, and November 19th

AMSA Blood Drive is on October's a great way to get volunteer hours. Look for more information and a sign-up sheet at the next meeting!

Practice MCAT is on October 17th. All or most fees will be waived. These are official AAMC MCATs.

CPR/First Aid Courses will be offered this semester.

Med School Visits: Vanderbilt in September, UMC in the Spring. Also, UAB/ UT Memphis later.

Stadium Clean-Up...You MUST do one to attend a med-school visit!! 6 AM the morning after every home football game. This is the only fundraiser we have for AMSA!

MCAT Prep Materials Trading Program: If you have used MCAT materials that you are willing to sell, please contact Brooke Harris at