Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February 17 - Bulldawgs for Hearth Health

First, congrats to everyone who won money for attending stadium cleanups! Everyone should come to stadium cleanups next year! You could get a prize too!

Some information and upcoming events:

  • AMSA is having a Dental Hygiene Drive! We are collecting dental hygiene products, such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, dental floss, etc., for St. Joseph’s. There will be a drop-off box at the front desk in Griffis. You can also bring the items to our next meeting.

  • Practice MCAT on March 5th. We are planning to have a review of the MCAT where we would go over the test that you had just taken, but we would like some input about when we should do the review. We can either have the MCAT Saturday morning and the review Saturday afternoon, or we can have the MCAT Saturday afternoon and the review Sunday afternoon. If you would be interested in taking part, please let us know which choice you prefer.

  • Two people are selling MCAT books! If you would like to buy them you can contact:
Sarah Kreut, sek78@msstate.edu, 601-415-8422
Brooke Harris, BrookeNH10@aol.com, 601-613-8962

  • We have two medical school visits this semester! We are going to UMC on April 1st and Vanderbilt on April 15th. Vanderbilt will be an overnight trip. Remember, you must have come to two stadium cleanups to be able to attend your first visit and one stadium cleanup for each subsequent visit. If you would to go on a visit and weren’t at the meeting on Thursday, send us an email and let us know. If you didn’t come to enough stadium cleanups but would still like to go to UMC, send us an email and we’ll work something out. You will most likely have to pay for some gas. If you would like to go to Vanderbilt and didn’t go to enough stadium cleanups, you are welcome to meet us at the medical school for a tour, but we will not take you there or provide you with a hotel room.

  • Our next meeting will be March 24th at 7 p.m. in McCool. Mrs. Rosalyn Campbell will be speaking to us about the Physician Shadowing Program at North Mississippi Medical Center in Tupelo. The Physician Shadowing Program is a 3-week long, paid physician shadowing opportunity. More information can be found in an online PDF at http://www.nmhs.net/documents/PhysicianShadowing.pdf .
Mrs. Campbell will also conduct interviews for the program on March 24th. You will receive an email later with more details.

This past Thursday, Dr. James Warnock was supposed to speak to us about Bulldog’s for Heart Health. However, he was unable to come to the meeting so Alex gave us a presentation about it instead.

  • Mississippi is ranked 50th in the nation for potential to live a long, healthy life.
  • Bulldog’s for Heart Health (or BH2) was started by two graduate students at MSU to raise awareness of cardiovascular disease in Mississippi.
  • Students participating in BH2 have visited local 3rd grade classes and talked to them about heart health and the importance of healthy eating habits and exercise.
  • New students are needed in the organization, particularly students who have new ideas about making an impact. BH2 can also provide leadership opportunities.
If you are interested in becoming a member of BH2, you can find information on the MSU website. You can also send us an email.