Sunday, August 28, 2011

Minutes from August 25th

Hey, everyone!
We had an excellent turnout at our first AMSA meeting! I hope you all enjoyed it and found out something new about medical school. If you didn't get to make it, here are the highlights:
Why be in AMSA?
  • Free Practice MCATs
  • Med School Trips
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Informative speakers
  • Free pizza! 
If you would like to be a member of AMSA, the one-time-only dues are $20 for all 4 years.
We also have t-shirts from last year that are $5.
MSU vs LSU Stadium Cleanup
In order to be able to go on medical school trips, AMSA members participate in stadium cleanups right after home games end. Our first one is Thurs, Sept 15.
  • Meet at bottom of student end zone bleachers
  • More cleanups = more chances to win money and go on Med School Trips!
Blood Drive: Sept. 19
Our blood drive is part of our community service initiative. We had a sign up sheet for times to assist in advertising in the Union and hanging out with other AMSA members. It will be in room 325 of the Union. Come, give blood, and INVITE your friends!
Next Meeting: Sept. 22
Our next meeting will be in the same location in Harned. Ms. Janie Guice from UMMC will be speaking about the Rural Physicians Scholarship Program.

The Interview Process for Medical School
Presentation by Dr. Stephen Case,
Associate Dean of Admissions at the University of Mississippi Medical Center
For an invitation you must meet these requirements:
  • Mississippian
  • Completed AMCAS application
  • MCAT scores
  • UMMC Secondary Application
  • $50 Supplemental App Fee
  • 3 faculty evaluation letters received & transcripts
Early Decision Program: For students who choose to apply to UMMC only.
This program looks at BCPM: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Math (must be >3.6) and MCAT (must be >27)
Regular Decision Program: Uses a sliding scale for combined GPA and MCAT score. If one is low while the other is high, then the applicant may still be considered for an interview.

Making the Cut
  • Invited by email
  • YOU call admissions office to schedule date and time
Interview Day
  • Meet admissions staff and committee
  • Answer questions, react to scenarios, and descriptions of your preparations and motivation to attend med school
  • One-on-one interviews: look for verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Casual clothing
  • Extremely high-heeled shoes
  • Shirt collar too tight
  • Skirt too short
  • Very loud voice
  • Too quiet to be heard
  • SIT UP
  • Plan for the unexpected so you can arrive on time
  • Conservative dress—business attire
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Turn cell phone off
  • Neatly groomed
  • Pay attention to your speaking volume
  • When asked a question that you do not have an immediate answer for, it is okay to take a moment to think. The pause is much better than blurting out something.
 If you have any more questions, Dr. Case's powerpoint is available on the UMMC website:
Also, the admissions committee offers counseling at any stage of your medical school preparation. To schedule an appointment or ask any questions not previously answered call:

Once again, we want to thank everyone who came to the meeting, and we want to encourage everyone to come out for the next one!
Hope to see you there!