Saturday, February 25, 2012

Minutes from January 19th

Hello, everyone! Hope the semester is going spectacularly! If you couldn't make it for this past Thursday's meeting, then here are the important upcoming announcements. We had SSG Harvey, SSG Harding, and SSG Bittenbender come to speak about the Army's Health Professions Scholarship Program. If that interests you, the highlights are here and more information is available on the web.

Next Meeting: Feb. 16 
Dr Davis from UMMC will be giving a talk on the "Pathways to Medicine"
Be sure to come out and meet her if you plan on applying to UMMC!

Potential Community Service/Volunteer project:
Up Til Dawn letter writing campaign to benefit St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital

  • Teams of 10
  • Feb 8
  • Writing letters to friends and family on behalf of St. Jude

Practice MCAT
  • Sunday, Jan 29
  • 4th floor of Griffis Computer lab
  • 1 PM
  • Free for AMSA members
  • Only $10, and they are fantastic! Who wouldn't want a Dr. Bully shirt? They will be available for purchase at every meeting
Med School Trips
  • UMC Trip - April 13th (tentative)
  • UT Memphis Trip - probably March, overnight trip

And our guest speakers is SSG. Harvey, SSG. Bittenbender, and SSG. Harding

Health Professions Scholarship Program
  • Estimated Annual Cost of UMMC: $35,000
  • Total Tuition Cost can accumulate up to $300,000
  • However, you could complete medical school DEBT FREE
  • 1,2,3,4 year scholarship that covers the majority of fees
  • Over $2000 stipend per month
  • All specialties are accepted
  • Obligation is one year of service for each year of scholarship with a minimum of 2 years for physicians
  • Army Avg Board Pass 90% vs Civilian Avg Board Pass of 70%
  • Know that a private practice includes paying for professions, staff, insurance, a facility, and miscellaneous costs: None of that in Army Medicine!
  • There is no malpractice insurance and staffing is provided, as is healthcare benefits
  • 30 days of paid vacation
  • Best patients around!
Thanks for coming out and supporting AMSA! See you at the next meeting!