Sunday, December 04, 2011

Minutes from November 10th

Hey, everyone! In case you missed the meeting last Thurs, here are the minutes. We had a general information session about what will be happening next semester, so needless to say, it's going to be fantastic. Be sure to check out our speakers!

For MCAT books:
Stefanie Vamenta (, 601-562-0857): Examkrackers MCAT set for $45
Kelsey Layman ( set of Kaplan MCAT book set for $20

Stadium Cleanups

    *  Two left: THIS Saturday after the Alabama game (~10 pm) and after the Egg Bowl
    *  These are the last two. So if you would like to go on a medical school trip (UMMC for sure), then you must have attended 2 cleanups.
    * Also, these cleanups are a great opportunity for community service. Med schools will ask you how you have volunteered, and you can say you helped raise money for the Jackson Free Clinic!

Next semester:
·         Practice MCATs
·         Medical school trips
·         Volunteer opportunities
·         Speakers!
  •    Raymond Archambo with the USAF on 1/19
  •    Dr. Davis form UMC on 2/16 (Pathway to Medical School)
  •    Rosalyn Campbell with the Tupelo Shadowing Program on 3/22
  •    Dr. Case from UMC on 4/12 (Application Workshop)
  •    Officer elections on 4/17
·         New T-shirts! (or you can buy an old one for $5)

Thanks to all who came out! Remember that the Egg Bowl is our last cleanup opportunity!